Our services: Therapy

Anyone who needs to improve or restore function as a result of surgery, illness or injury can benefit from an individualized program developed in collaboration with your physician and physical therapist. At Mercy Institute of Rehabilitation, we provide a continuum of care, bridging the transition from inpatient to outpatient care. Our comprehensive and innovative programs are designed to help our patients achieve their maximum rehabilitation and independence. Our physical, occupational and speech-language therapists are experts in both medical and surgical rehabilitation services.

We work closely with your physician or surgeon to provide the most comprehensive treatment for postsurgical recovery, acute injury, sports injuries, work-related conditions and other medical needs. Our therapy staff members are experienced clinicians with specialized physical training and expertise.

Our team includes:

  • Physical therapists—working to increase mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance.
  • Occupational therapists—working to improve functional skills in activities in the home, workplace and community.
  • Speech-language therapists—working to improve communication skills and swallowing function for all age groups.

We offer comprehensive therapy services (for both patients in the hospitals as well as outpatients) at Mercy Medical Center as well as at Mercy Institute of Rehabilitation at 2400 N.W. Stewart Parkway, Suite 100 in Roseburg.   

Physical, occupational and speech therapy services are available to patients by physician order while they are in the hospital.

Contact us: 541.677.4546