Preparing for surgery:
Medical clearance & medications

Prior to your surgery we want to be sure that any medical problems you have are identified and under control. This will help decrease the risks associated with any major surgery. Please bring any medical problems you have to our attention so that these may be addressed. If you are under the care of any other doctors, we will consult with them to make sure they are aware of your upcoming surgery and can address any special needs as necessary.

Also, we need to be aware of any prescribed or over-the-counter medications you take and any allergies you may have.

Certain medications can cause excessive bleeding during surgery. These medications should be stopped at least seven days prior to surgery, unless critical for heart or circulation. Examples of medications that will increase bleeding would be anti-inflammatories (aspirin, ibuprofen, Indocin, Feldene, Naprosyn, Bextra), hormone therapy or blood thinners. Several vitamins and herbal products can also cause excessive bleeding. It is recommended that all vitamins and herbal products are stopped at least seven days prior to surgery.

  • Always talk to your doctor before stopping any medication.
  • Always bring a complete list of your medications with doses and schedules, vitamins, and herbal products to all of your preoperative appointments.

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