Preparing for surgery: Home safety checklist

Make your home as safe as possible before you have surgery. This reduces your risk of falling and makes it easier to get around your home with a walker or cane. Remember, you will be walking with a walker or cane for several weeks.

  • Clear walking pathways and stairs. Remove clutter and extra furniture. Try using a walker or cane to make sure that all important areas (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom) of your home are easily accessible.
  • Identify a comfortable, supportive chair with arm rests for use after surgery (nothing that swivels, rocks or is low to the ground). The chair should be high enough so when you stand up you keep above the 90 degree bend at the hip.
  • If possible, minimize the number of stairs you must climb each day.
  • Remove all throw rugs, except for in front of the shower.
  • Keep all oxygen tubing, telephone cords and electrical cords out of walking pathways.
  • Arrange for assistance with care of your pets.
  • Make sure that you have good supportive footwear.
  • Move frequently used items to allow for easy access without having to bend over (important in your bathroom and kitchen).
  • Make bathroom modifications, such as adding a shower chair, handheld shower, grab bars, or raised toilet seat.

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